Colour is used as a metaphor, because there are different wavelengths of light that our eyes cannot register, but they still exist, and how the colour of a 'subject' is actually recognised as a result of the wavelengths that are reflected back to our eyes. In this way we explore, whether the 'subjects' are hidden or just unnoticed in the context of COVID-19. 


Taking inspiration from René Magritte's, 'The Son of Man'. Here we see the reverse. We focus on his pose as if he is waiting for something that is hidden from view, which exists behind the artificial and pop-art styled background. The colours representing the travel restriction categorisations.



The broadening of the colour spectrum, which contrasts a realism with the reductionist colour categorisation system.



Lines to follow

and others not to cross

uncertainty that needs to be unboxed

do i dare to see tomorrow?



The prospect of inaccuracies loom

intellectual curiosity assumes 

there to be surrealism or nothing

but similar problems can be found in a dull weekend

being an infrequent writer myself

and a future queried 

between that of bookends



Was there a question in the silence? 

Was it hidden or just unnoticed?