Blurry Wurry

'Blurry Wurry' is a homage to early 21st Century post-ironic humour. The act of naming objects in a whimsical and childlike fashion. The boat dubbed, ‘Boaty McBoatface’, is indicative of this practice. We are no longer naming things, but defining their brand. We entrap ourselves within a niche, losing the freedom to be, 'off-brand', and therefore open to ridicule. Inspired by the dissolving views of Turner's landscapes, these images of Spanish terrain are out of focus. They evade the transparency of meaning, or ‘believability’. Does an accurate auto-focus and a sharper lens deliver the realism and ‘clear vision’ we have come to expect in photography? ‘Technically bad’ photography is taboo, but image imperfections can give photos a certain ‘artistic feel’, allowing the viewer freedom to explore beyond what is ‘believable’. In the blurry wurry-ness of it all.