I grew up in South East London, but spent my formative years in Moscow in the 90's. I am now based in Jerez de la Frontera, the south of Spain. My photography focuses on everyday subjects; the imagery representing selected memories, retrospectively inspiring the themes and narratives that appear in the collections. My work is defined by "localness", and the connections made from a life being lived.

Photo: Hedvig Biong at El Laboratorio Association. See more about how this image was created at The Photographer Being Photographed.

Artist Statement

You close your eyes and take a breath. Sometimes one isn't enough and so you take two, or maybe even three, if your head is too turbulent. Then, when you open your eyes again, you are not just in the world but, you see it. There is this intersection, between what is favoured and what is ignored; a middle-ground that speaks with the quiet intimacy of spirituality. The lens is not a barrier and the image is not the artwork. It is about the germination of ideas that come from life, and the "found" subjects that make it interesting to be alive.



Group Exhibition, The Print Swap, Feature Shoot and the Indian Photo Festival

Group Exhibition, Evidence, Bath Photography Festival

Group Exhibition, Rethinking Nature, Foto Wien, Imago Lisboa and Mois Européen de la Photographie Luxembourg

Group Exhibition, Postcards from Great Britain and Postcards from Europe, University of Cambridge and Shutter Hub


Group Exhibition, Sad Boy Birthday, Guy Cry Club

Group Exhibition, Take / Make, Photo Fringe Festival

Group Exhibition, Portrait of Humanity, British Journal of Photography and Magnum Photos