Jerez de la Frontera

 Rebecca W Morris and Matteo Delred

Writer, Rebecca W Morris, and photographer, Matteo Delred, capture thoughts and images at (almost) all of the train stops from Jerez de la Frontera to Cadiz on the Cercanias trainline. For each stop, one piece of writing is written and one photo is chosen. Seeing the same things they'd seen so many times, but with new eyes, going to the weird corners of Cadiz they thought they'd never visit. 

The centre of town on a Saturday morning in Jerez de la Frontera. 

I can hear at least two or three different types of birdsong; the woman selling lottery tickets playing radio pop. The clinking and tapping inside the cafeteria Los Reyes. People talking with calm. The same loud urgency as usual doesn’t exist in the voice when the fog of heat approaches. 

Today it will hit the hottest summer temperatures so far. There is a slow, sluggishness to the morning. I enjoy the calm. A guitar rumba has come on the radio and the woman selling tickets claps along with rhythm on her body and the chair. 

I always like the energy of the women in this cafeteria. A gruff warmth. A subtle flicker of the eye, recognising us, and letting us know with the pitch of their voice and the way they set down the coffees. 

I see a flamenco singer walking past with her husband and dog. She is much changed. She is clutching a bag of donuts and wearing what looks like nightclothes.  

Time is not linear here. Things change but no one blinks an eye. Tomorrow is as if it were yesterday.