The modern cities are immature and crave our attention, but the ancient seas have earned their status of worship. We make the pilgrimage to stand, kneel and prostrate ourselves before the sea. Experiencing the spiritual properties of healing, whether through the salty touch of the water, or circulated by the sea air bellowing into the chambers of our lungs. Together in these intergenerational congregations that celebrate the sea from the surrounding land.

found amongst the vastness of the blues

matching breaths to the beat of the tides

my body is cleansed upon the dirty shoreline

between nostalgia and anemoia

i have put but a foot in the water

an older human meets the ancient sea

wisdom to be young again

where swimming

was all about widths instead of lengths

as if being an adult meant

deep end for everything

different to that of our peer group in comparison

paddling around in their arm bands



Prescribe the sea air, as an opportunity to escape the pollution and stresses of a crowded city. Listen to the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand and be reinvigorated by the cold water's embrace.



Go to be alone in the quietness of the off-season.



Linger in the cold of a fading sun to watch it go down.



Become creatures of habit

and return to old favourites.



The calm night sea is a silent companion of the walk.



The ageing life-cycle

seen in these intergenerational gatherings.



An excuse to exercise.



To throw thoughts out to the sea