Local markets are still standing tall, as a central pillar of some communities, but their foundations are diminishing under the weight of convenience. A growing trend towards the everyday consumption of everything at once. Marketed as cheap and fast, or as the fuel for the capitalist fire sale, where the local market's value is flattened under the momentum of a globalised monolith.

Borderline cinematic to a bottom line

endless re-evaluations of an ancient form

through the ageing eyes of commerce and value

dependent on the restless movement

of a moving decimal


Whether to sample the stalls or become a regular?



The sights, sounds and smells.



Pass through the flowing fabric at the entrance of the clothes stall.



Survey the maze and the corridors of unexpected finds.



Sometimes things need to be pointed out to us. But, other times they simply catch our eye.



Talk, laugh and barter, because socialising is all included in the exchange.