Smoking is deeply embedded within the cinematic style of Classic Hollywood, but intentionally so. It was heavily sponsored by tobacco companies who wanted their products to be associated with characters exhibiting the traits of being 'cool'. Cinematic smoking plays a role in the dialogue itself, punctuating speeches with drawn out pauses, inhales and exhalations, which in turn act like a metronome for good conversations. This collection, from a present day reality, are inspired by these films, reading like stills from this bygone era. 

Smoking acts as the metronome

for good conversations

between the Bogarts and Bergmans

but the smoking habit was not mine to break

being a reluctant conversationalist

though it felt shared in a weak stomach

an extension of empathetic tendencies

till the offer expires at the length of a sleeve

being left only with the Groucho Marx quote

in response: "do you mind if i don't smoke?"

the time it took to feel the drag

was put out like a cigarette with the peck

as the embers burn we are cut loose

unfurled sleeves rolled after

the grind for the next basic

and yes

i probably did overstuff the omelette that broke

and no

i didn't shoehorn the conversation 

to get a leg-up in this pissing contest

i should stay mute in this moat i made myself

with cold feet and enough anger to go around

either side of the fence breaking ground

when everything changed and then nothing did

have we reached the new homeostasis

where this is our version of always having Paris

here's looking at you, as i mature from being a, kid