No Se Pusilánime

"Flamenco is not for the faint hearted"

- Nuria Mercedes Burgos Carcaño

"I brought flowers for you and we put them on your patio, Nuria Mercedes, my dear friend. I drank beer out of the big bottles and smoked rollies for you. I imagined I could hear you cackling and winding me up. We sang songs and it was beautiful but lacking without your voice pouring out, filling the cracks, making us feel loved unconditionally. You were anarchic but you liked courtesy and fanfare. I felt sad that I didn't usually bring you flowers. But I'm like you in that I don't like to keep dead things, I like to plant things and watch them grow. Set down roots. And now they curl around us, linking us together and we're another weird little family. United by our love for you and being a bit odd, on the peripherals, always learning, but letting on less than we know. I want to be brave like you, and I want to learn more than I ever humanly should. I want to dedicate life to knowing art, like you. I won't  stay sad forever because I know I'll meet you again. You set down roots and I'm growing through them."

Rebecca W Morris