This collection is envisaged as a reply all email, or an open letter in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in terms of the personal, economic, environmental, social and observational commentary expressed. It also relates to confinement, and reconfinement, as the most widely adopted measure used to control the virus, and our digital escapism from the isolation of the physical world. The experiences of a pandemic localised to the region of Andalusia are explored, which along with the rest of Spain, was greatly affected by and imposed some of the strongest restrictions in response to the global pandemic.






Cleanliness, Vigilance and Mental Health

An invisible illness exposed us to a heightened sense of vigilance and cleanliness, but also to 'survive' being quarantined in the house for long periods of time.






Isolation and Social Distancing

There has been a trauma that has affected us mentally and physically, as we experience the pangs of isolation and social distancing from others. 




Mask-Wielding Public

The cities lie dormant in their emptiness. They wait patiently for the return of their mask-wielding public, and the noise escaping from their home-dwelling isolation.




Greetings from a Distance

Conversations held at a distance are all the more difficult, when living in a culture where a kiss is as common as a handshake greeting, and there is a natural tendency towards closeness and touch to accompany any dialogue.




Greenhouse Gas Emissions vs PPE Waste

The appears to be in the process of being erased. This illustrates how changes in human activity can reduce the global energy consumptions and the associated greenhouse gases, which had a noticeable effect on our environment. However, there are growing concerns that COVID-19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the single use plastic waste are adding to our burdens on the environment in other ways.




Reimagining the threads that connect us

Restrictions on travel are common, and when possible there are compromises that need to be made. The windows that resemble 'Virtual Reality glasses' were taken in the dark carriage of the refreshment section of a train that was closed. 

R numbers became common everyday vocabulary, as we openly discuss the rate of viral transmission, but we also rapidly form virtual connections to replace the physical ones lost. 




Closed Businesses

The closed business with its newspaper covered window, which not only informs passers-by of its own status, but also provides an update about the COVID-19 pandemic based on the headlines. On another bar, flies are plastered on the windows as a protest, which suggests to those passing-by without support businesses like this would die.





The Rules of the Games have Changed

The playgrounds are in pause, as the children are now greeted by digitised versions of their friends in virtual games. When they do get back to playing, they have to follow the guidelines in order to stay safe.




How are you? 

A simple question to ask and a difficult one to answer.

The isolation is felt.