There is a feeling of coldness unique to a sterile environment, even when there is a heat that continuously flows in and out of the adjoining rooms of the segregated wing. Warm, Andalusian affections that bring us, as hosts and perpetual visitors, together to create this temporary home. A depiction of eight days spent living in room 424 of the hospital under COVID-19 restrictions. 


Tapa de la Pastillas

My wife was affectionately referred to by her middle name, Mary, as she recovered from a splenectomy operation, and I got accustomed to the life of an extra person on the ward.



No Carne, No Leche!

The weird and wonderful concoction of hospital recipes with the ever present meal supplement of bread. 



Merienda de la Maria

Time is measured between meriendas. 



Rosario y Teléfono 

A broken phone, and a speaker system that made you feel you are being answered by a higher power in your moment of need.



Dedo Gordo

Everything is fine for those left waiting to know.