There is an emotional honesty to masculinity, which is hidden behind that of absurdity, or a form of self-deprecating wit; an archetype of sacrificial male stoicism.


Masculinity and Depression

once homelier than an unmade bed

the successive texture thickens skin

exhausted from the lightness of being

dispersed across a mattress

discarded into the possible nothingness

of dreams to transcend the norms of routine



Masculinity and Conforming to Gender Roles

makes me feel claustrophobic in comparison 

outgrown by the surrounding tree trunk

their branches hangover me till noon

i was giddy with thoughts of freedom

only to have them return to me stupid



Masculinity, Silence and Self-Destruction

hanging lamps with their flickering bulbs

sugar in cups of coffee slowly dissolves

the fear that the words would expire

before they reached the intended ear



Masculinity and Self-Care

one wish is made available per annum

outside the scope of a birthday list

but a greater sacrifice is required each time

as the candles begin to thin in the heat

what is leftover is seen to be fuss

like excess calories with a sunday roast

or black clothing being the popular choice



Masculinity is strong but brittle

the steely disguise may slip

that sought to steady sadness to peaceful sleep