The mistruths, missteps and distrust promoted beyond accountability by self-serving power structures. Fast media, as the value decays, and partial connections take root in collective imaginations, because the criticism or villains may be suspect, but the fear is real. We witness the lack of nuance in arguments, as we focus on the war-like duty, but what happens when the enemy is within us, and our saviour is based on human decency and kindness to others. 



Under the Watchful Eyes of Algorithms

We have lost the thread of ownership that tie together our actions. The algorithms are the modern-day scapegoats of only following the rules set by others, and the devolved responsibilities, which has left the emotional labour to human moderators.



The Virus Isn't the Only Thing That is Contagious

Humans are networked as much as their machine counterparts. We are often seen as the weak link in security, and allow for the proliferation of viruses and data breaches. There can be a reluctance to take the advice of experts, especially when the underlying concepts are complex, and the rules of best practice are updated so frequently with the evolution of threats. 



Partially Promoted

We are left to complete the narrative, but is the missing information seen through the lens of a lack of trust?



Helping Hand - Is It Reaching Out or Reaching In?

It is a difficult time, and by helping others we help ourselves.



The Divide of Safety Politics

Was there a question in the silence?