The Digital 

Monopolisation of Me

All artworks are derived from the ideas they are trying to express, irrespective of the medium used. However, where traditional mediums have physical limits that provide scarcity. The digital mediums are known for their immediacy, and the ability to create endless originals. Therefore, they have to be shackled to artificial limits to try to 'mortalise' their 'immortal' design to provide this scarcity. This means they are no longer underpinned by scarcity alone but also by trust, and the faith in the technology that bridges this gap.

Palmistry and the Paradigm Shift

The paradigm shift

from smaller technology

in the palm of your hand

to smaller humans

in the palm of technology


Haptic feedback - when computers like you back.


A currency's value is not in its scarcity but its trust.


Proof of work = proof of electricity bills


Nothing is deleted and mostly not found.