Paul Vincent Lawford is a man who wears many hats, but I know him as an artist, teacher, muse, musician and a friend. A gentleman not because he wears a hat, but because of the gentleness in which he navigates his surroundings as a collector of 'folk' stories. The mercurial nature of an introverted-extrovert, the local adventurer, who is most at home when lost or experiencing the unexpected.


An introduction outside of a tabanco.



Shaving, pipetting and a bird pick dispenser deadlifting two olives.



An Andalusian style home made for musical performances, house-gatherings and bubbles.



The usual suspects - framed.



A broken seat, an excited dog and a lost ball bounces into someone's drink



Seen the bottom of the glass



A finger-hand found on the street appreciated by the puppeteer and bar owner, Harvey. 



Paul has a nightcap, and behind him is a 'Drink MORE Gin' print from his friend, Robert.