The title, which is uncertain in meaning when spoken - (dis)obedience - becomes clear when written, highlighting the discrepancy between obedience and disobedience; between the written and unwritten rules we follow.


The authority figure here is the traffic light, dictating whether you can walk or not. Traditionally, the role has been designated to a walking and stationary 'green man'. Here, the gender identity rotates between two genders at the pedestrian crossing: the traditional green man figure, and a female figure in a skirt. Is this a somewhat limited attempt at inclusivity; traffic lights dictating a gender binary where men only wear trousers and women only wear skirts? Or do the traffic light symbols signify gender fluidity; a trans identity that exists fitting in between the two figures?



Being alone and together at the same time, due to the quarantines, as we experience our own version of this common isolation.



The blue skies that happened during the "great pause", where we reflected upon ourselves and the wider society. There were new possibilities and a noticeable impact on our environment through our inactivity. 



Yellow is the most ambiguous colour. Green means "go" and red means "stop". The ambiguity placed upon this interim "between" state, whether to speed up or slow down. Ambiguity became a defining quality of this global pandemic of COVID-19.



Physically isolated, but at the same time open to the virtual world. Have we lost our choice about the information we receive?



'World War C - The Great Pause'. An old (gas) face mask. There have been numerous articles and memes showing a juxtaposition between COVID-19 and the World Wars. It was usually in response to those disregarding or complaining about the stringent measures put in place to reduce the levels of infection. Modern-day face masks have become a hotly contested and highly politicised symbol. Made obligatory in many countries to reduce infection rates; 'encouraged' in others where safety and personal liberty have become opposing forces.



The symbology of a fence that divides the two opposite forces of 'racism' and 'anti-racism'. Can those, 'sitting on the fence', be seen in terms of non-racist neutrality?



Surveillance culture is going 'viral'. When does trust but verify (CCTV) become verified before trust (facial recognition)? This was witnessed during the debate between decentralised versus centralised COVID-19 tracking apps around the world.



Dehumanising what is perceived to be unproductive: the insecurity of 'not fitting in' and being the 'social deviant' when living with hidden and chronic disabilities, which now include Long COVID