Traces: Photo Canopy, April - May 2022

Photo Canopy is an in-house art programme at BSDC designed to bring student and professional arts together to create contemporary work in response to the National Forest.

"So many folk tales, songs and stories are set in the forest. It's the heart of so much creative output. And photo-canopy is a part of that, exploring themes of regeneration, landscapes, nature and the still-urban spaces that exist within the ever-evolving 'Forest of the Making." - Emma J.Lannie

Separated Me From Sedentary Life

Outside, I look at the urban nature of the nocturnal city that separated me from sedentary life.

Inside, I saw a man from my living room window. I thought he was praying, but he was on his phone.

Outside, I felt the cold on my now maskless face.

Inside, I closed my ears to the world, but I could still hear the birdsong.