The Ways of Living - Climate Project

January to February 2022

An online archive by Then There Was Us in collaboration with the Open Eye Gallery that focuses on projects surrounding the relationships between (creatives and the climate crisis). Looking at and exploring a wide range of practitioners whose work focus and examine the wider conversations of climate. Food / Local Production / Sourcing / Transport / Moving People & Things / Migration / Energy / Nature / Bio-Diversity / Land Use / Water / Clean Air / Spaces / Communities / Population / Habitats / Materials / Recycling / Historical Context / Examine the wider conversations of the climate crisis.



We see ourselves as architects of our environment who are able to shape and mould it to our designs and ambitions. We have insulated ourselves from the baseline effects of global environmental change within our constructed habitats. However, nature can only be held at bay for so long. The cracks are already starting to widen as we try to save our home. 

the misplaced trust in a managed wilderness

our something for nothing culture

is tamed in a wish dispensed

an invisible hand spreads into another's generation

i wonder what will become after mine

has taken more than has been rationed?